Be entrusted and Entrusts

  1. Be entrusted:
    1. BDIF may be entrusted to: manage investment capital, make investment loans and recovery the debt, allocate investment capital for the project, from the state budget, Vietnam Development Bank, businesses and other organizations and individuals at home and abroad through the contract of the trustee between BDIF and entrusted organizations and individuals.
    2. BDIF may be entrusted to manage the operation of the credit guarantee fund for small and medium – sized enterprises; the housing development fund and other local finacial funds established by People’s committee of Binh Duong province.
    3. BDIF may issue local government bonds according to entrustment of the People’s committee of Binh Duong province to raise capital for the provincial budget according to the laws.
    4. BDIF receives entrustment fees. The specific fee is agreed upon and specified in the entrustment contract.
  2. Entrusts:
    1. BDIF may entrust credit organizations and Vietnam Development Bank to lend capital and recover debts of projects which are in lending list of BDIF through the entrusment contracts between BDIF and organizations which are intrusted by BDIF.
    2. The organizations which are intrusted by BDIF recive the entrustment fees. Specific fee is agreed and specified in entrustment contract.